2 in 1 Capsule & Ground Mini Espresso Portable Coffee Machine

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2 IN 1 capsule Or Regular Coffee takes only 30 seconds to make a cup of extracted brew coffee, which is even more attractive than a normal coffee maker in a shop. It features non-toxic, food-grade for safe and healthy use. Our compact and handheld mini espresso coffee maker doesn't need any special maintenance. Pour hot water into the tank then connect it with the main body. Lastly, press the button to fill your cup.

Ground Mini Portable Espresso maker is an electric espresso maker for a handheld machine automatic extraction at home outdoor camping or travel. It has a USB power cable for convenient use since it can be easily connected. The open design makes regular cleaning simple and quick. Built with stain-resistant and ultra-quiet operation.

Portable Coffee Machine Lightweight handheld size design-insulation cup. Only 525g weight. The ultimate convenience for anywhere espresso craving. Go camping or traveling without leaving your espresso at home. Place 1 scoop of coffee into the filter basket and connect the outlet head to it. Turn the body upside down with the outlet head.

  • Capacity (Cup): <5 cups
  • Power (W): 6
  • Function: ESPRESSO
  • Voltage (V): 5
  • Housing Material: Plastic